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Switzerland is a global leader in the independent asset management model, which is closely related to private banking. Clients benefit from the security of a private bank combined with the advice of experienced private bankers who believe in the value of independent advice. Our clients can feel the difference.

What is an independent asset manager?
Independent asset managers research, develop and manage client investment portfolios. They are not brokers who are incented to conduct transactions. And they do not work for a specific bank. Instead they work with multiple different banks and choose best-in-class investments from a variety of banks to meet client needs and preferences.
What are the advantages of working with an independent asset manager?
Clients can choose their independent asset manager, rather than having a banker assigned to them by a large financial institution.

Independent asset managers are often highly experienced private banking and financial services professionals.

Independent asset managers are incented to manage and develop client portfolios; they are not incented to conduct transactions or push mass-market products from a single bank. Clients benefit from full fee transparency.

Clients have direct access to their portfolio manager, which allows for meaningful discussions.  The manager conducts regular portfolio reviews with clients quarterly, or as often as necessary.
How do our clients monitor their investments?
Clients receive statements from the bank they choose to hold their assets.  As asset managers we can access to the banks’ reporting systems to view and print statements, or transaction records.  Clients can obtain statements and records by whichever means is most convenient for them.
How do independent managers set their fees?
Every independent asset manager is different. However, most independent asset managers have negotiated wholesale pricing with their partner banks. They also operate with far less overhead than large financial institutions. They can then therefore pass on these savings to their clients. In addition, independent asset managers are required, under regulations, to provide full fee transparency. So clients can see exactly how much they are paying for the transactions and services provided.
Are independent asset managers regulated?
Yes. Today, independent asset managers in Switzerland must either be affiliated with a self-regulatory organization (SRO), which indirectly supervises them, or regulated directly by FINMA, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority.
Why are you able to work with North American accounts at a time when many banks are exiting these markets?
We are committed to serving North American clients. For this reason, we work with a hand-picked selection of Swiss banks who welcome North American clients. These banks are well aware of cross-border rules and regulations. In addition, Strategic Asset Management is approved to deal with Canadian residents based on the NI 31-103 Exempt International Advisor regulations.