Customizing portfolios with an unrivaled selection of investments


Our clients appreciate the value of good advice – not just on investment funds and products, but also in terms of our modern perspective on private banking.

We have chosen to work with a small, select client base. Our aim: to provide personalized service. As independent asset managers, we are not linked to just one bank, which means we source the best products and research from different banks based on client needs and interests.

Usually clients come to us with an existing investment portfolio. Our basic approach consists of three steps:

STEP ONE: Portfolio Review

Our first step is to conduct a portfolio review to see the current state of their overall investments. Clients value our unbiased insight.

STEP TWO: Agree on Strategy and Optimize Portfolio

Our second step is to agree on a strategy to efficiently optimize their portfolio by reducing their risk and maximizing their return.

STEP THREE: Monitor Performance

Our final step is to monitor the performance of each portfolio. We take time with our clients to discuss the current state of the market, how it could impact the portfolio, and the measures taken to optimize the risk and return.

This is a continual process as market conditions change and our client’s needs evolve. We optimize client investments to suit current needs and set strategies to prepare for their future.